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Black caviar, sturgeon

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100 gr.    250 gr.    500 gr.

About company

Our company is a manufacturing plant for the cultivation of fish sturgeon. The Karaganda-Osetr company was founded in 2013.

Today, our company has introduced a unique phased cycle of growing sturgeon fish on three fish-water sections.

First fishing section

Located in the village of Ushtobe (Karaganda region), which is equipped with a RAS (Recirculating aquaculture system) technology with extensive, wintering shops, and also has a line of deep processing of fish products.

Second fishing section

Located in the Turkestan region as part of an incubation and fry shop and a cage line on the flow system of natural sources of southern Kazakhstan

Second fishing section

Third fishing section

Located in village Topar (Karaganda region), as part of a cage line for growing sturgeon fish for further receipt of caviar.

The production capacity of all fish section is
5000 kg
caviar per year
with an annual increase. Cycle of growing sturgeon fish to obtain food caviar by the method of slaughter and fertilized caviar.

Open sources of water supply (cage lines) for growing sturgeon fish favorably affect the quality of sturgeon caviar and are as close as possible to the natural conditions of wildlife.


Since the the fact that we ourselves are incubating and growing fish, we can guarantee the quality at each stage of production. Our products meet all standards and regularly certification.


Our advantages

The Republic of Kazakhstan is one of the Caspian countries - the historical homeland of sturgeon fish!

Karaganda-Osetr LLP is an enterprise of a combined cycle of growing sturgeon fish using various technologies (RAS, Cages lines, flow systems).

For the best cultivation of sturgeon species of fish, various temperature modes at various stages of females ripening are needed. Our fish sections are located in various climatic belts, which allows you to create the most favorable conditions at each stage.

This professional equipment for the carriage of live fish allows you to transport fish with the maximum control of all vital parameters at a distance of up to 3000-5000 km.

For the safely transportation of live fish between our sites, we use your own professional CAR PARK with isothermal containers (live fish containers).

The high professional level of employees of our enterprise and the presence of various types of sturgeon fish, allows for breeding work to improve genetic indicators of hybrids and pure fish species.

We have various types of sturgeon fish, such as Sterlet, Siberian Sturgeon, Kaluga and Huso hybrids. This allows you to create a range of products of various price ranges.

Our products are 100% official. All sturgeon fish is incorporated in CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), which allows you to export our products around the world.

The method of producing caviar - Slaughtering. Unpasteurized!


The process of slaughtering caviar



Fish material / fry, commercial fish of sturgeon fish species (Sterlet, Siberian sturgeon, Kaluga hybrid, Huso hybrid).
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Living Fish Transport Services (Fry fish, Commercial Fish) in Kazakhstan.
Services for renting motor vehicles for transportation of own fish.
Specifications of vehicles: water volume 20 m³, oxygen enrichment, upper loading, lateral unloading, thermal insulation material.
Service ultrasound diagnostics of sturgeon fish.